1. 25 Things Not To Miss In Korea

    1.Ilchulbong- Wake up early to catch the day’s first rays at “Sunrise Peak”, a verdant green caldera on the eastern tip of beautiful island is Jeju.

    2.Gyeongju- This former capital of Silla is the most traditional city in Korea, and should be on every visitor’s itinerary.

    3.Dongdaemun Market- A 24-hour market in a city that never sleeps, Dongdaemun is a Seoul institution, with sights and smells redolent of decades gone by.

    4.Galbi- A fire at the centre of your table and a plateful of raw meat to throw on it - could this be the world’s most fun-to-eat dish?

    5.Hongdae- There’s no better place to party than Hongdae, Seoul’s most happening nightlife district.

    6.Boryeong Mud Festival- Korea’s dirtiest, most enjoyable festival takes place each July on the west coast - don’t forget your soap.

    7.West Sea Islands- Over three thousand islands sprinkled like confetti around Korea’s western coast; Mokpo is the best point of access.

    8.Beopjusa- A 33-metre-high golden Buddha stands over this wonderful temple, surrounded by the peaks of Songnisan National Park.

    9.The DMZ- Take a step inside the 4km-wide Demilitarized Zone, separating North and South Korea, the world’s frostiest remnant of the Cold War.

    10.Noraebang- A near-mandatory part of a Korean night out is a trip to a “singing room”, the local take on Japan’s karaoke bars.

    11.Buyeo Fortress-  Korea’s most charming and historic fortress by far - this is where the Baekje dynasty met its end, literally toppling to extinction into the adjacent river.

    12.Guinsa- The most distinctive temple complex in the country, Guinsa’s paths wind snake-like routes up a tight, remote valley in Korea’s heartland.

    13.Jagalchi Fish Market- Your food may be so fresh that it’s still wriggling on your plate at this highly atmospheric Busan fish market.

    14.Seoraksan National Park- Bald, rocky peaks jut out from the pines at what the locals claim to be country’s most magnificent park.

    15.Jeongdongjin- Korea’s most surreal village has a train station on the beach, a ship-hotel atop cliff, an American warship and an equally real North Korean spy submarine.

    16.Dosan Seowon- The wonderfully unspoilt countryside surrounding the city of Andong is studded with germs, but this former Confucian academy is one of the best.

    17.Dongdongju- Consumed by students all over Korea and often served in rustic wooden bowls, drinking this creamy rice wine is the most traditional way to guarantee a banging hangover.

    18.Jeonju Hanok Village- Here you can sleep in traditional wooden hanok house heated from underneath by gentle flames, in one of Korea’s most agreeable cities.

    19.Biwon- Relax by the lake as kings once did at this secluded “Secret Garden”, which nestles at the back of a UNESCO-listed palace in central Seoul.

    20.Jeju Teddy Bear Museum- The epitome of kitsch, most notable for its diorama room portraying twentieth-century events such as teddies tearing down the Berlin Wall, landing on the moon and going down with the Titanic. 

    21.Insadong- Immerse yourself in wholesome traditional activities on Soul’s most popular street, one peppered with art galleries, tearooms and rustic restaurants.

    22.Paekdusan- The legendary birthplace of the Korean nation, this dormant volcano - the highest peak on the peninsula - rises up through the Chinese-North Korean border, its crater lake a preternatural blue when not frozen over.

    23.Socialist Realist Art- What has become an ironic style in Eastern Europe remains iconic in the DPRK, with colorful  murals found all across the country - send one home on a postcard. 

    24.Pyongyang- the world’s least-visited capital is a rhapsody of brutalist architecture, many buildings topped with red Hangeul slogans extolling the virtues of the government and its leaders.

    25.Arirang Mass Games- Performers outnumber spectators at this feast of synchronized dance, one of the biggest and most spectacular festivals you’re ever likely to see.

    Source: The Rough Guide To Korea

    (Source: everythingaboutkorea)